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Artesian Elite


Manufacture: Las Vegas, NV

Average Project Price: $16,000*

A Pool Day is proud to bring the luxurious and exquisite Artesian Spas to the residents of Minnesota and Wisconsin, recognizing the numerous benefits of owning a hot tub. We are committed to enhancing the well-being and relaxation of our customers, and Artesian Spas perfectly align with our vision. These top-of-the-line hot tubs offer unparalleled comfort and therapeutic features, providing a sanctuary of serenity in the comfort of your own home. Crafted with precision and attention to detail, Artesian Spas boast exceptional craftsmanship, ensuring durability and long-lasting enjoyment. With A Pool Day and Artesian Spas, residents can embrace the transformative power of hydrotherapy, alleviating stress, soothing tired muscles, and creating memorable moments with loved ones. Elevate your lifestyle and embrace the ultimate in relaxation with A Pool Day's selection of Artesian Spas.

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* Pricing: Quite simply, A Pool Day does not believe in a bate-and-switch. We built this company by serving Minnesota and Wisconsin residents through respectful business practices. Each install is different depending on factors such as; distance to our shop, install process, accessories, and landscaping - just to name a few. This is just one of the many ways A Pool Day is designed for our customer's experience first. 

Artesian Elite Series

Piper Glen.png

Introducing Artesian's newest line of luxury, hydrotherapy spas. Artesian Elite spas are designed with the utmost precision and care, the latest in technological advances, and the most comfortable and intimate designs available on the market today. Our Artesian Elite hot tubs will provide you and your family with a unique experience that you won’t soon forget.

Piper Glen

Size: 91 x 91 x 42 in. | 231 x 231 x 96 cm

Seating: 7 seats

Jets: 65 jets

Capacity: 415 gal | 1,571 L

Dry Weight: 972 lbs | 441 kg

Pumps*: (5) 3.0 BHP 1-Spd • (2) 0.25 HP 1-Spd

Call or visit The Shoowroom for pricing and to purchase Today!

2730 Highwood Ave E, Maplewood, MN 55119

the showroom4.png
Eagle Crest.png

Eagle Crest

Size: 84 x 84 x 42 in. | 213 x 213 x 96 cm

Seating: 6 seats

Jets: 55 jets

Capacity: 335 gal | 1,268 L

Dry Weight: 892 lbs | 405 kg

Pumps*: (4) 3.0 BHP 1-Spd • (2) 0.25 HP 1-Spd

Quail Ridge.png

Quail Ridge

Size: 91 x 79 x 42 in. | 231 x 200 x 89 cm

Seating: 4 seats

Jets: 57 jets

Capacity: 340 gal | 1,287 L

Dry Weight: 860 lbs | 390 kg

Pumps*: (4) 3.0 BHP 1-Spd • (2) 0.25 HP 1-Spd

Dove Canyon.png

Dove Canyon

Size: 91 x 91 x 42 in. | 231 x 231 x 96 cm

Seating: 6 seats

Jets: 67 jets

Capacity: 405 gal | 1,533 L

Dry Weight: 1,050 lbs | 476 kg

Pumps*: (5) 3.0 BHP 1-Spd • (2) 0.25 HP 1-Spd

Pelican Bay.png

Pelican Bay

Size: 108 x 91 x 42 in | 274 x 231 x 96 cm

Seating: 9 seats

Jets: 71 jets

Capacity: 505 gal | 1,912 L

Dry Weight: 1,210 lbs | 549 kg

Pumps*: (5) 3.0 BHP 1-Spd • (2) 0.25 HP 1-Spd



Artesian Spa are made to Last. Made for You.

Explore our different hot tub lines — each designed to inspire wellness for every body. With over 100 hot tub models, we offer great options - find yours today!

Artesian Spas are designed to provide a luxurious and relaxing experience for our customers. We use only the highest quality materials, and our spas are designed with the most advanced technological features to provide maximum hydrotherapy and high-quality water features. Our Artesian Spas are also designed to have the greatest energy efficiency, so you can enjoy the benefits of a luxury spa without worrying about your energy bill.

the showroom4.png

2730 Highwood Ave E, Maplewood, MN 55119


"Embrace relaxation and rejuvenation daily - own a hot tub and enjoy bliss daily"

Visit us Today!

Visit us Today!

Visit us Today!

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