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Fiberglass Swimming Pools

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Fiberglass pools provide unmatched durability, convenience, and cost-effectiveness when compared to other types of swimming pools. The seamless construction and non-porous surface form a watertight barrier that preserves the chlorine levels, offers minimal resistance for swimming, and reduces maintenance expenses. Moreover, fiberglass pools can be installed quickly without any curing time and can withstand extreme temperature changes, making them suitable for all climates.

The best part is that fiberglass pools have a longer lifespan than traditional plaster or concrete pools, without the risk of cracking or discoloration. This ensures years of use with minimal upkeep compared to other pool materials. If you require fiberglass pool installation in the Fargo, North Dakota area, our contractors are ready to meet your needs. Our experienced professionals understand the importance of delivering quality service to create satisfied customers.

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Swim Spas: The perfect fusion of a swimming pool's fitness benefits and a spa's relaxation, all in one compact package.

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At A Pool Day, we specialize in fiberglass pool installation and landscape design for Minnesota and Wisconsin residents. Our fiber glass pools are affordable and can fit almost any backyards. The perfect way to stay cool and bring the party home this summer!

Compared to traditional concrete or vinyl liner pools, fiberglass pools offer numerous advantages. One notable benefit is their low maintenance requirement, as they eliminate the need for resurfacing or repainting. The non-porous nature of fiberglass prevents the growth of algae and bacteria, reducing the risk of pool contamination. Another advantage is the swift installation process, without the waiting time for concrete curing or liner replacement. This saves valuable time for homeowners. Additionally, fiberglass pools typically require fewer chemicals for clarification, resulting in lower maintenance costs. These pools also boast high resistance against harsh weather conditions and enjoy a longer lifespan compared to traditional in-ground swimming pools. As a result, they are an excellent investment for those seeking years of swimming enjoyment.

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