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Renovation Story

Each year, A Pool Day undertakes numerous swimming pool renovations, each tailored to its specific requirements. One such project in November 2021 was no exception!

Our client had a stunning yard that perfectly complemented their swimming pool. They requested a patio upgrade along with infrastructure repair and replacement.

Pool Referb.jpg
pool referb 2.jpg

The new patio was a an elegant concept and a dream for our designers to put together. The goal was to maximize the hosting space alongside of the swimming pool, while leaving enough green space all around!

We used Versa-Lok block stones in a darkened boarder pattern, the type which has become very popular to those with a discerning eye!

Wouldn't you know it? Winter struck before we had time to finish the swimming pool refurbishment. Our patio was done, and the ground had not frozen yet, so we got creative!

The pictures you see here are not text book. You will not learn these techniques in a class or a workshop (outside of A Pool Day's Spring Swimming Pool Course). This technique was developed by the owners of A Pool Day in order to make the most out of our turbulent Midwest end of season weather. 

Pool Referb 3.jpg
Pool referb 4.jpg

Many of our recent renovations focus on updating old pool covers. Many clients are upgrading from outdated manual-wind covers to advanced electronic auto-covers. This modern upgrade simplifies winterizing pools, making it more cost-effective and efficient.

With an electronic auto-cover, pool owners can easily secure their pools at the touch of a button, ensuring optimal protection. These high-tech covers also enhance safety, reduce maintenance costs, and extend the pool's lifespan.

pool referb 7.jpg

Inside the tented structure we were able to keep the temperature around 70 degrees. While working inside on the structure replacements, our crews were wearing t-shirts, and were quite comfortable! The ground takes much longer to freeze than the air or water vapors which produce snow, so even after the first few snow falls, there is still time to work with the land!

This might look like a photo finish in time for Winter, but the real beauty will be in Spring 2022 as this family enjoys their new backyard like never before!

Pool referb 6.jpg

Call or message today for more information on what your renovation can look like, and we look forward to hearing from you!

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