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Water Ripples

A Pool Day's
Swim Spa

Swim spas: The ideal blend of fitness benefits from a swimming pool and the relaxation of a spa, conveniently packaged into one compact unit.

ManufactureQuebec, CA

Average Project Price: $50,000*

Experience the ultimate aquatic escape with A Pool Day's luxurious swim spas, right in the comfort of your Minnesota home. More than just a purchase, our swim spas offer a gateway to a healthier lifestyle and a serene retreat from everyday stresses. Feel the pure joy of swimming against a gentle current, embraced by the water like a soothing cocoon. Whether for family fun or peaceful solitude, our swim spas blend fitness and leisure perfectly. Let us redefine tranquility for you. Elevate your pool day to new heights - take the plunge today!

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Call or visit The Showroom for pricing and to purchase today!

2730 Highwood Ave E, Maplewood, MN 55119


Financing Available!

We believe everyone deserves A Pool Day.
Invest in your home and happiness with our low interest financing.
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