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Water Care

Proper pool water care ensures longevity, safety, and enjoyable swimming experiences through balanced chemistry and meticulous maintenance.

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Visit The Showroom, your ultimate destination for all your water care essentials! From a comprehensive range of pool and spa chemicals to essential tools like skimmers, leaf rakes, and poles, we've got you covered. Step in today and prepare your pool or spa for optimal enjoyment!

Take advantage of our FREE water testing service, designed to ensure your pool or spa stays in optimal condition. Our system provides instant feedback, informing you precisely which chemicals your pool or spa requires for maintenance. Enjoy the convenience of this streamlined process, eliminating guesswork and ensuring accurate treatment. Keep your pool or spa balanced and safe with our easy-to-use testing system. Experience peace of mind knowing your aquatic haven is well cared for, with minimal effort on your part.


Discover top-tier water care products and accessories tailored to meet your pool and spa needs at our store. We pride ourselves on offering the finest selection available to ensure your aquatic oasis remains pristine and enjoyable. From high-quality chemicals to essential maintenance tools, we have everything you need to keep your pool or spa in perfect condition. Experience unparalleled convenience and satisfaction with our premium products and expert advice.

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Call or visit The Showroom for pricing and to purchase today!

2730 Highwood Ave E, Maplewood, MN 55119


Financing Available!

We believe everyone deserves A Pool Day.
Invest in your home and happiness with our low interest financing.
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